Vapour diffusion and condensation control in high-performance buildings

Course number
GBCI: 0920010637

Read article here: Vapour diffusion and condensation control in high-performance buildings

Purpose of Article

The article helps the reader to understand the correct selection and placement of vapour permeable and impermeable materials within the
assemblies to increase durability, and improve the thermal and health performance of building envelopes by keeping the wall system dry throughout
the service life of the building. The article talks the reader through common wall construction assemblies such as stud cavity insulated walls,
split insulated walls and highly insulated walls. It also teaches the reader the causes of and science behind vapour diffusion and condensation
accumulation in walls.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the principles of vapour diffusion, and why this is an important factor to consider in wall assemblies.

2. Understand the proper and improper ways to address vapour diffusion in wall assemblies, particularly in cold climates.

3. Differentiate the various wall assembly construction methodologies and the benefits or impacts the assembly could have
on condensation accumulation within various locations of the assemblies.

4. Understand all environmental factors both interior and exterior of the building that can impact vapour diffusion,
air leakage and condensation accumulation through building envelopes.

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Quiz by: Alison Walker, LEED AP [ND], Sustainability Analyst with Integral Group, and Certified Passive House Consultant.